Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose a finisher?

A: There are many factors that you should consider. Reputation, years in business, quality of work, scope of work, and price are just a few. We recommend that you visit the shop that you are planning on using. Most reputable shops welcome your visit and many will even give you a tour. This will usually give you an opportunity to see what service the shop provides, how busy they are, how professional they are and what their finished product looks like. You will know a good shop when you see it.

Q: Will my furniture be devalued by refinishing?

A: Articles that are extremely old (prior to the mid-1800) or are historically important should be evaluated before refinishing. These pieces may need restoration as opposed to refinishing. The great majority of pieces will actually increase in value and appeal and will have their usefulness and life prolonged with a professional refinishing and proper care by the owner.

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